• Please pay attention!

    For your and our convenience, please call us to apply for a visit.
  • Location

    The dental clinic is located in Pārdaugava. Address: Riga, Slokas street 65b.
  • Working hours

    Important! We accept patients at any time, however, you are advised to apply for the visit from 8:00 am till 12:00 pm. Later, until 8:00 am, we only accept patients pursuant to an individual call. The registration of individual calls is performed at the time when the personnel is at the clinic.
Dr. Jūlija Katkeviča zobārstniecības klīnikas dibinātāja un vadītāja

About the clinic

24 hour dental clinic of Dr. Julija Katkevica

Already since 2013, the 24 hour dental clinic of Dr. Julija Katkevica is helping both adults and kids. The clinic has helped countless patients to achieve healthy teeth and dazzling smiles. High quality, cozy atmosphere and an individual approach – these are the characteristics that best describe the clinic of Dr. Julija Katkevica.

  • We deal with simple and highly complex dental procedures.
  • Our dentists are qualified professionals with extensive experience in dental examination and treatment.
  • The clinic treats all patients (without age limit) 24/7.

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Meet the personnel

Our team employs fantastic people, without whom the functioning of the clinic would not be possible. Each employee of the
24 hour dental clinic of Dr. Julija Katkevica gives a contribution and only together can we provide the best service to our customers.

Our clients feedback

For healthy teeth

Our services

  • Dental Hygiene

    Beautiful and healthy teeth enable people to feel safe and self-confident.

  • Tooth Whitening

    A dental hygienist can help by cleaning the dental plaque and pigments.

  • Dental Filling

    Pacientei tiek veikta zobu plombēšanaWe only work with the best materials produced in Germany, Japan and the USA.

  • Dental Prosthetics

    Pacients tiek iepazīstināts ar pieejamajiem protēžu veidiemThe experts of our clinic will help you choose the most appropriate type of prosthesis to suit you.

  • Dental Implants

    Zobu implantsDental implants not only help to improve visual appearance, but also to restore the chewing function and to stabilise the bite.

  • Dental Surgery

    Ķirurģiska operācijaWe perform dental surgery of various types.