How to properly choose dental implants?

Replacing teeth with implants is a significant step both emotionally and financially. Therefore, people often wonder which manufacturer’s implants to choose. Implantologist Julija Katkevica answers this question.

Several hundred manufacturers offer implants; however, implants provided by market leaders excel in quality and high rate of integration. These products are certified and their production is based on a large number of scientific studies. Implants from the manufacturers of Switzerland and Germany, as well as Italy, Korea and others are available in Latvia. High quality implants are more expensive than products from less-known manufacturers, but their price is closely linked to the investments made in scientific research, clinical trials and product improvement.

The implant is inserted into the jaw bone, it is designed for decades of intensive use, which is why it is extremely important to select the right materials, design and specialist.

Implants are made of titanum and zirconium alloys, because these materials are biologically compatible with human tissues and over time they fully integrate into the bone. Integration of implants into the bone occurs in about 98% of cases, which is an outstanding indicator.
An important aspect are the properties of the implant surface, which contributes to its successful integration into the jaw bone. Some manufacturers offer implants with a specially treated chemically active surface that facilitates better and faster integration, therefore prosthetics may be safely initiated after three to four weeks after implantation.

An implant, which can also be called an artificial tooth root, must be very stable. Therefore, the design depends on the application, the special shape makes them universal and integrable into bone tissues of different density. There are also 4 mm long implants in the market for patients with very small bone size. This is very important because increasing the jaw bone is not always feasible and a minimally invasive approach is a prerequisite for successful implantation.

The connection of the implant with the parts of the denture and the design of the denture is very important, as it determines the duration of use of the denture.

Doctors believe that you can trust only those manufacturers who carry out regular research.

Replacing teeth with implants is a safe and gentle method with an impressive percentage of success. The wide range of products is constantly expanded and refined, which helps to find the optimal solution in any situation. This is the best we can offer our patients.

In order to ensure excellent quality, manufacturers constantly keep their implantation system as natural as possible, but implants themselves – durable and safe. An implanted artificial tooth or denture allows you to live to the fullest, as it is with natural teeth. This means that you can eat any food. A beautiful smile brings joy and opens new opportunities. In fact, implants are so comfortable that many people even forget that an artificial tooth is placed in their mouth.

There are manufacturers of implants who have been operating for 60 years, which allowed to accumulate a great deal of experience.
Another important aspect: a world-renowned implantation system is convenient for people who travel a lot or work abroad. Each system has its own peculiarities and it is good that dentists in other countries work with them as well. So, no matter where you go, there will always be a dentist who works with a world-renowned implant system and can help you. There are many implant manufacturers that appear and disappear from the market in a short period of time, leaving patients without denture parts.

That is why experienced dentists always recommend the best implants with a manufacturer’s certificate for patients, as well as provide information about the inserted implant. Such practice is optional, but may be useful to the patient.

And last but not least, feel free to ask your dentist any questions about implants. It is important for the treatment to be successful and for you to regain a captivating and joyful smile!

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