Ceramic dental filling or onlay is one of the types of non-removable prostheses. Onlays are used for the restoration of premolars and molars (lateral teeth). The dentist will offer this option of prostheses, if the dental defect is too large to perform a filling, however, the volume of dental tissue is sufficient to attach an onlay.

Onlays serve for longer than regular fillings.

Onlay is an option that spares dental tissue. It is mainly used for the restoration of dead teeth, however, onlays can be applied on live teeth as well. Ceramic fillings are harder than regular fillings; they perfectly restore the anatomy of the teeth and contact surfaces between the teeth, as well as evenly distribute the load along the entire surface of the tooth, thus protecting the tooth from the risk of fracture. It is a modern, aesthetic, functional and durable method for the restoration of lateral teeth.


The procedures are performed under local anaesthesia in live teeth. The caries and fillings are drilled out. The dentist leaves walls that are not thinner than 1 mm to prevent the risk of fractures.

If required, the base of the tooth is prepared with the help of composite material.

The dentist takes impressions and closes the tooth by using a temporary material. The onlay modelled by the dental technician is applied during the next visit. If the construction fits, it is covered with a layer of glazing, which provides shine and the product is cemented into the teeth of the patient.

After the procedure

Eating must be avoided for two hours. Care for onlays does not differ from regular tooth care.

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Onlays are a contemporary and durable method of restoring severely damaged lateral teeth without the application of crowns. Onlays are predominantly used for the restoration of teeth after root canal treatment. They enable the return of sufficient chewing function to the teeth thanks to the perfect anatomy thereof. Aesthetically, the restored tooth does not differ from a healthy tooth.

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