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In the event where people have to lose their natural teeth, dental prosthetics is an excellent solution for the restoration of aesthetics and functions.

The round-the-clock service Dental Office of Dr. Julija Katkevica offers various types of dental prostheses.

We co-operate with the best technical dental laboratories of Latvia (Baltic Dental Group, Dentālā dizaina studija, Mady etc.). The experts of our clinic will help you choose the most appropriate type of prosthesis to suit you.

Types of dental prostheses

There are two types of dental prostheses – non-removable dental prostheses (veneers, onlays, crowns and bridges) and removable dental prostheses (dentures).

Dental crowns

Crowns are required, if the damage of dental tissue has reached 50% of the natural volume of the tooth crown. We offer different types of crowns – plastic dental crowns, fibreglass dental crowns, cast or metal dental crowns, ceramic dental crowns, metal-ceramic dental crowns, galvano-ceramic dental crowns and zirconia dental crowns.

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Dental bridges

Dental bridges are a good solution, if a person has lost one or several adjacent teeth, provided that the surrounding teeth are not intact (healthy). A bridge is a construction that is mounted on two teeth that delimits the defect. The principal advantages of a dental bridge: the manufacturing of a crown does not require surgical intervention, the bridge cannot be removed, the insertion of the prosthesis does not require much time.

The time of dental bridge manufacturing lasts from 2 days to 3 weeks.

The manufacturing of a dental bridge is possible, if 1 or 2 (in individual cases 3) teeth in a row are lost. In the event of more severe defects, the options of implant insertion or removable dentures must be considered.


After the visit, during which the dentist and the patient agree on the manufacturing of the dental bridge, the dentist polishes the teeth, takes impressions, models and applies temporary crowns. A frame manufactured at a technical dental laboratory or the finished product is fitted to the patient during the next visit. 2 to 4 visits are required for the production of the dental bridge. When the production of the bridge is completed, it will be cemented. The service life of the bridge is individual and usually varies from 10 to 15 years.

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Dentures (removable prostheses)

Development of partial, as well as total dentures is possible at our clinic. Total dental prostheses are manufactured when no teeth remain in the jaw. The fixation of the total prosthesis is based on attachment to the mucous membrane of the oral cavity. Meanwhile partial dentures are manufactured, if there is at least one tooth in the jaw. Clamps are used to attach a partial denture to the remaining teeth and to help in stabilising of the denture in the oral cavity.

2 to 4 visits are usually required for the production of such prostheses.

We also offer the production of Valplast and Perflex removable dentures, which are a new and modern prosthetic solution. These prostheses are flexible, they do not break while bending. Valplast and Perflex dentures do not have metal clamps and, therefore, they are more aesthetically pleasing than regular removable plastic prostheses. Removable dental prostheses or dentures are a simple and cheap solution for the replacement of missing teeth, especially in the cases of multiple tooth loss.


During the first visit, the physician takes the impressions, then the technical dental laboratory manufactures the prosthesis. During the production process, the dentist fits the future prosthesis in order to prevent errors and imprecisions in the production process. After the issue of the prosthesis, corrections must be implemented until the moment when the patient gets used to the prosthesis and no longer experiences discomfort.


The dentist provides a consultation to the patient after each dental prosthetics procedure and the patient receives recommendations on the care for their dentures. We, at the round-the-clock service Dental Office of Dr. Julija Katkevica, work fast and maintain high quality standards by ensuring a stable and visually aesthetic result.

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As a preventive measure, each person is recommended to visit the dentist once a year and undergo a complete examination of the oral cavity.

— Dr. Julija Katkevica

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