Every person is recommended to visit a dentist and to perform a complete review of the oral cavity once a year for preventive purposes. The visit starts with a visual inspection, which is the first phase of examination. The inspection must be performed irrespective of whether the customer has complaints or not.

Prompt diagnosis of caries, inflammation of teeth, bone or gums enables quick and easy elimination of the problem.

If annual preventive examinations are not performed, the therapy process is prolonged and the prognosis is worse due to the delayed commencement of therapy. X-Ray examination and light beam diagnostics follows.

Complete examination of teeth

Visual inspection. At our clinic, the visual inspection of the oral cavity is performed under magnification that enables the dentist to see more. Usually, 50 – 70% of teeth with caries are detected during visual inspection without magnification.

Dental X-Ray. The anatomy of the root of the teeth and the localization of the adjacent structures is visualized on X-Ray images. They enable the evaluation of the filling of the dental canal, the visualisation of the inflammation processes in the bone, the evaluation of how well the restoration fits the margins of the tooth, as well as the detection of caries that cannot be diagnosed during visual inspection, for instance, X-Ray enables visualisation of the carries under dental restorations. Patients with extensive dental restorations and so-called “dead teeth” are recommended to perform the X-Ray examination of their teeth once per year. This can help to prevent the potential of future dental problems.

Light beam diagnostics. We use Diagnocam and D-Light Pro lamps for light beam diagnostics. It is the final phase of examination that is used to check dubious areas. The Diagnocam examination method is based on a camera that projects the image on the monitor. By directing the light through the tooth with the help of the lamp, the tiniest dental defects and caries at early stages can be detected. Caries, like lesions, absorbs the light beam and are projected on the screen in the form of dark areas. Due to this reason, they are very easy to detect. Sometimes this technology serves as a good alternative to X-Ray, since it does not generate hazardous radiation and therefore is a completely safe method for children and pregnant women. D-Light Pro lamp helps in detecting damage due to cracks and caries. It is a harmless and quick method of auxiliary examination.

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The end result

By combining the results of all aforementioned phases of examination, the physician obtains a comprehensive understanding of the condition of the patient’s teeth and can adequately plan the phases of therapy. Precise diagnostics is an inseparable and important phase for the initiation of successful therapy.

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As a preventive measure, each person is recommended to visit the dentist once a year and undergo a complete examination of the oral cavity.

— Dr. Julija Katkevica

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