The clinic of Dr. Julija Katkevica offers the production of mouthguards. Protective mouthguards and night mouthguards will protect your teeth from mechanical damage, meanwhile whitening mouthguards will help you achieve whiter teeth.

Night mouthguards

Production of night mouthguards that are specifically tailored to your row of teeth is possible. All people move their jaws in sleep to a larger or lesser degree. During stress, many people grind their teeth. Teeth grinding or bruxism is a rather common presentation caused by uncontrolled muscle tension, predominantly, while sleeping. The person clenches their teeth forcefully and grinds the lower jaw teeth against the upper jaw teeth. The friction and load causes various defects of the tooth surface, for instance, cracks, decay of dental tissue, fractures of teeth and prostheses. Joint, muscle, tooth pain and headaches may be associated with bruxism. Teeth grinding can cause problems not only for the individual, but their family as well, because grinding teeth during sleep can be rather loud. In these cases, the mouthguards are the only solution to protect your teeth and reduce the load on the muscles and joints of the jaw.

Night mouthguard must be manufactured individually. Individual mouthguards differ from standard mouthguards available from pharmacies by their ability to evenly distribute the load and ideally fit your teeth. Night mouthguard is soft, transparent and fits the shape of your jaw. It is manufactured from biopolymer that does not cause allergic reactions. At first, sleeping with a mouthguard in your mouth can cause slight discomfort, but patients usually get used to it quickly and do not feel it within a couple of nights. The night mouthguard must be removed in the morning, cleaned with the toothbrush and soap, and rinsed with clean water. We recommend keeping dry night mouthguards in specialised containers that can be bought at the pharmacies.

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``Ordoline`` aligners

We also offer “Ordoline aligners, which serve as an effective alternative to braces. After 3D examination and moulding of dental models, orthodontic therapy of a patient is planned. The laboratory manufactures several aligners that must be replaced once every two weeks. Regular use of aligners for 22 hours per day will gradually move your teeth and enable improved aesthetics and bite. The main advantage of this method is its convenience, easy dental care, as well as the fact that the aligners do not cause pronounced discomfort and pain. The aligners are transparent and light, they are almost invisible and do not cause visual defects. They can be removed, while having your meal. The aligners are easy to care for, durable and do not interfere with your speech.

Whitening trays

Teeth whitening trays for use in a home setting can be produced. Dental impressions of the teeth of the patient are taken during the visit. Dental technician shall manufacture the whitening trays at the laboratory. The physician will issue the tray to the patient together with the prescription to purchase the whitening gel at the pharmacy. The patient shall press the whitening agent into the tray and place the tray into the oral cavity. It is recommended to sleep for 8 hours with the tray in your mouth. Repeat the procedure up to 10 times. Thus, a couple of tones’ whiter teeth can be obtained in a home setting.

Implant positioning guide

These guides are used for the insertion of implants during surgery. Positioning guide helps a surgeon to observe maximum precision of dental implant insertion in accordance with the further plan of prosthetic therapy. The manufacturing of these guides is especially recommended for cases of multiple tooth loss.

Sports mouthguards

We also manufacture sports mouthguards to protect your teeth from potential damage and reduce the risk of jaw trauma during sports activities. Sports mouthguards are thick and made from a rubber-like material. 2 visits are required to produce a sports mouthguard (boxer mouthguard). During the first visit, the dentist takes the impression of the maxilla, the mouthguard is issued to the patient during the second visit. Technical dental laboratories offer dental mouthguards in various colours. The use of a boxer mouthguard is topical for ice-hockey players, basketball players and boxers.

Retention trays

Stabilisation of teeth in the new position after orthodontic manipulations, for instance, therapy with braces, may be required to retain the therapy result. Therefore the retention of teeth or fixation thereof in their site is recommended. Dental retention trays are used for exactly this purpose. Retention trays are transparent and practically imperceptible and therefore they do not cause discomfort. These trays are used at night after the completion of orthodontic therapy.

24 Hour Dental Clinic

As a preventive measure, each person is recommended to visit the dentist once a year and undergo a complete examination of the oral cavity.

— Dr. Julija Katkevica

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