The round-the-clock service Dental Office of Dr. Julija Katkevica offers extraction services for wisdom teeth. We have extensive experience in the extraction of wisdom teeth, specialising in complicated surgeries concerning wisdom teeth. Doctor Jūlija Katkeviča has worked at the Centre of Maxillofacial Surgery for 7 years, where she has been facing acute and especially complex cases on a daily basis. Therefore, it is not uncommon that patients with complicated wisdom teeth are referred to our specialists by other clinics.

The wisdom teeth are erupting last, at the very end of the row of teeth. This occurs at approximately the age of 17 – 25. They are called the eighth teeth or the third molars. Some people do not have wisdom teeth, others may have 1, 2, 3, or 4 third molars.

In many cases, the eruption of wisdom teeth is associated with serious discomfort and pain.

These teeth have lost their place in the jawbone as a result of evolutionary development due to the use of soft food. It is not uncommon that there is no place for them in the row of teeth and therefore they may fail to erupt, they can erupt partially or be slanted. The removal of wisdom teeth must be performed in such cases. Extraction of wisdom teeth is a complicated procedure due to the root anatomy and localisation of the wisdom teeth.

Main reasons for the extraction of a wisdom tooth:

Pain and pressure on the 7th tooth. It is caused by incorrect localisation of the wisdom tooth in the jaw bone. Not only does it cause unpleasant sensations, it also has an adverse effect on other teeth and the bite in general.

Gum inflammation. Sometimes the wisdom tooth only erupts partially and, therefore, it is difficult to care for. Food residues accumulate in the gum pocket, where they cannot be cleaned, and a favourable environment for the proliferation of bacteria develops; tooth decay and gum inflammation may occur.

This problem is more characteristic of wisdom teeth in the lower jaw.

The main symptoms of gum inflammation include pain, redness, swelling and limitation of mouth opening.

Caries of wisdom teeth. The eruption process of wisdom teeth is usually long (it can last for several years. Wisdom teeth are localised in the area of the oral cavity that is difficult to access and it is difficult or even impossible to ensure their hygiene. Therefore, wisdom teeth decay fast. Usually they are not treated due to poor accessibility. In the event of caries and inflammations, the teeth are usually removed.

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When the patient arrives to the dentist complaining of wisdom teeth, a thorough examination is performed first. X-Ray serves as an additional diagnostic method. Then, the dentist may perform extraction of the tooth. The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia and, therefore, it is painless. If the tooth is retained (did not erupt or erupted partially), the dentist separates and folds back the gum, thus ensuring access to the affected tooth. Further proceedings depend on the anatomy of the tooth. Sometimes, to remove the wisdom tooth, it is divided into several parts, which are then carefully removed one by one. Sutures are almost always applied after the removal of the wisdom tooth. The patient will have to arrive to remove sutures and show the wound to the physician in about a week.

After the procedure

Gudrīz zoba raušana JK diennakts zobārstniecībāIt is important to observe all recommendations of the dentist after the surgery. Our patients are provided with written instructions before they leave for home.

Eating or rinsing your mouth is strictly prohibited for two hours after the procedure.

You are recommended to avoid touching the wound with your tongue for one day after the procedure, as well as consuming hot, hard and spicy food, as well as food that contains tiny particles that could enter the wound. You are recommended to chew food with the teeth of the opposite side. You are recommended to avoid visiting sun parlours and saunas for a week. Abstain from strenuous physical activities.

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As a preventive measure, each person is recommended to visit the dentist once a year and undergo a complete examination of the oral cavity.

— Dr. Julija Katkevica
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