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Coffee, tea, smoking – they are some of the main reasons why teeth lose their natural white colour. A dental hygienist can help by cleaning the dental plaque and pigments. However, if you wish for your teeth to be whiter than their natural tone, tooth whitening must be performed. Everyone would like beautiful, white teeth. Luckily, modern technologies allow us to have them after 1 – 2 visits to a dentist.

Two types of tooth whitening exist – whitening at the dentist’s office and whitening in a home setting.

It is important to observe different pre-requisites, when selecting the most suitable type of whitening. Always consult your dentist before you opt for tooth whitening. There are cases, when this procedure is not recommended. The physician must evaluate your wishes and the health condition of your oral cavity, because tooth whitening may only be performed if the teeth and gums are completely healthy. Therapy of caries and hygiene of oral cavity must be performed prior to tooth whitening.

It must be considered that the effectiveness of tooth whitening can differ from person to person. If the teeth are not genetically characterised by pronounced whiteness, they are unlikely to obtain a perfectly white tone after the procedure. Precise forecasting of the colour of the teeth, which could be obtained after whitening, is impossible.

Tooth whitening in a home setting

To enable the patient to perform tooth whitening at home themselves, an impression of the teeth will have to be made during the first visit to the dentist in order to produce the trays. Mouthguards will be made to individual order at a technical dental laboratory. For more information on the manufacturing of trays, read here.

After manufacturing of the tray, the dentist shall select the dental whitening agent that suits the patient’s teeth and issue a written permit for purchasing the agent. Mainly, they are special whitening gels that contain hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide releases oxygen radicals that migrate between the prisms of the enamel, destroying the molecules that cause internal staining of the teeth.

Before going to bed, the patient presses the whitening cream into the tray to align it along the external surfaces of the teeth and inserts it in the mouth above the teeth.

The tray must be removed in the morning and the teeth must be cleaned.

One tooth whitening course usually contains up to 10 whitening sessions, which means that this procedure must be performed for 10 consecutive nights. Usually, the tooth whitening procedure must be repeated once every 1 – 2 years, when the initial tone of the teeth is restored. Increased sensitivity of teeth, which reduces within 24 hours, is common after tooth whitening.

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Tooth whitening at the office of a dentist

This procedure lasts for 1.5 hours on average. A high concentration whitening agent is applied on the teeth of the patient and left for 20 minutes. As a result of the gel’s activity, the teeth become considerably whiter. This procedure is repeated 2 to 3 times. The teeth can be pronouncedly sensitive for 24 hours after whitening. The main advantage of whitening at the clinic is the quick result, in comparison with whitening in a home setting.

After the procedure

Teeth may be oversensitive for the first day after tooth whitening. To reduce this, a toothpaste for sensitive teeth or fluoride containing agents can be used.

It must be considered that whitening cannot ensure lighter artificial tooth constructions, for instance, fillings, crowns or other types of dental prosthetics.

You are recommended to abstain from smoking and the use of tooth staining food, for instance, coffee, tea, red wine, beetroot, bilberries, etc. for 2 weeks after the procedure.

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