We offer the option to pay for
dental services later and in installments!

Settle your dental bills with Klix Pay later, making payments in installments and with no monthly interest!

What is Klix Pay later?

Klix Pay later is a reliable payment method developed by AS “Citadele banka” to facilitate fully remote, secure, and quick loan processing. It allows clinic patients to make payments for dental services by arranging a loan with no monthly interest.

How does the preparation of Klix Pay later offers work?

By choosing to pay for dental services with Klix Pay later, patients have the option to receive offers from Klix partners – Citadele banka, Lateko līzings, Aizdevums.lv, VIZIA – loan providers, compare them, and choose the most suitable offer, as well as remotely sign the loan agreement for receiving dental services on credit.

The Klix Pay later offer will be prepared within 5 minutes, and the application is free of charge.

Who can use this payment option?

This payment option is available to any permanent resident of Latvia with stable monthly income and at least 18 years old.

Other important information!

Possible loan amount: from 50 EUR to 7000 EUR. Loan term from 1 to 36 months. To arrange a loan, you need a qualified Smart-ID, eParaksts or AS “Citadele banka” internet banking, as well as a passport or ID card.